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King’s Product Development Site Update

December 27th, 2010 | Posted by admin in Thoughts - (3 Comments)

We’re transferring existing content to the new content management system. We expect to have the transfer completed by the EOD October 15th, 2011. Expect some disruption and missing content until the bugs are worked out.

Thanks for working with King’s Product Development!

NRA Anti-Weapon Ban

June 6th, 2009 | Posted by admin in Thoughts - (0 Comments)

Wayne LaPierre,

Thank you for taking my request. I have written the ultimate anti-gun, anti-weapon ban and am asking for your support to pass it into law.

OK, they say we need to ban our guns because there have been people killed with them, families destroyed, lives ruined, children left parent-less and many other unfortunate results. OK, without guns, certainly less people would be shot, but,,,,,wait,,,,,,records tell us that many people have been killed with other weapons. This writing is to ban weapons!

People have been bludgeoned to death so this ban also includes bludgeon instruments. We are including in this request to ban all hammers, wrenches, axes, hatchets,lawn tools, shovels, rakes, hoes, screw drivers, saws, oh, sticks too. Everyone with a stick or limb on their property should be arrested immediately and charged with possessing a deadly weapon. Hey what about rocks? Every square inch of the earth should be searched and any property owner found to be harboring rocks of suitable size to injure or kill a person should be imprisoned.

Every office with a paperweight suitable of bodily harm should be considered a potential crime scene and the office worker labeled as a potential criminal. Office equipment including removable drawers, telephones at the end of a cord, large tape dispensers, water coolers with removable bottles, computer monitors, keyboards, sharp pencils, letter openers, are now banned from the earth.

Should a home be discovered to contain a vase, pot, kettle, knife, fork, broom, chair, appliances with cords, goblets, large knick-knacks, lawn toys like a bad mitten net, krochet mallet, bowling balls, are now placed into the anti-weapon ban. These and all fist size, unattached, movable items are now banned.

Every auto needs to be inspected and being a fact that people have been killed with tire tools, they are now banned from carrying a tire removal tool in your automobile. This ban includes single leverage tire tools as well as multiple way tire tools. There can be no flammable liquid in the vehicles, so all gasoline must be removed and destroyed.

Homes that include flower pots, lamps, large picture frames, the small, tiny ones do not count, fire place tools, mops, brooms, large toys, books, bottles, flashlights,etc are now banned from possession.

Flammable liquids found in those little sheds behind homes are a potential weapon, it will permissible to own lawn mowers and weed eaters but home owners are in violation of the anti-weapon act if they purchase gasoline for them. Homes are no longer suitable to control their interiors with natural or liquid propane gas. The use of these flammable products have been banned by the anti-weapon act.

We must also consider that people have been strangled, there fore we must also include every extention cord, window blind cord, belt, wire, rope, necktie, speaker cords, in the anti-weapon ban. Home appliances like sweepers must have their power source cords removed before using the appliances. All forms of clothing and house ware items that can be made linear and flexible, towels, bed sheets, pillow cases, etc must be destroyed to to comply with the anti-weapon ban.

Chain saws, will be allowed if the operator makes the sounds himself and cuts without any flammable fuel of any sort. It is suggested that the operator move the chain saw back and forth like the pilgrims did.

Military and Police services are included into the anti-weapon ban because they are people too, and uniformed persons have been involved in criminal activities. They are now expected to enter combat and domestic situations without any and/or all of the items now banned from public ownership. No guns, no explosives, no protection.

Marine vehicles that have string to retract fish from waters, ropes to launch their sails and to drop anchors, large sinkers,************* has been included in the anti-weapon ban.

Restaurants, homes and businesses will now not be allowed to serve foods or other types of produce, any, and all open food containers that could have lethal potential added to them has been prohibited in the anti-weapon ban.

Musical instruments must have all of their strings removed, guitars, pianos, etc.

Sports items like hockey sticks, pole vaulting poles, **************************************

Darkness has been a contributing factor in many killing there fore this anti-weapon bans darkness. Any one found moving in or lurking in darkness gets a free ride downtown.

Confined spaces such as parking garages have contributed to this type of death, also the confines of ones own home has hidden such acts so from now on every home, office, warehouse, apartment complex will be constructed without walls or a minimum of see through walls.

It will be permissible for taverns to serve liquors, but not in bottles, cans, glasses, pitchers, mugs or any other form of containment that is suitable to be thrown or tossed. All serving containers must be heavier than any human can suspend and release into a projectile.

Records show that persons have actually strangled another person with their bare hands, therefore we must include hands that are strong enough to close the wind pipe of even the smallest human. All persons with sufficient strength in their arms and hands to commit injury to another person will have those hands removed immediately.

And last but not least,every anti-gunner that is not intelligent enough to distinguish a killer (one person who inflicts or causes death) from the weapon,(an instrument or device) is to be arrested IMMEDIATELY as an endangerment to society, banned from holding any public office, never allowed to represent a business for the damage they may induce on society. All anti-gunners will be charged the cost to provide one armed guard to every unarmed citizen 24/7, everyday of their life.

This is the first phase of the lifesaving plan constructed by and for anti-gun idiots. More to follow.

Use Caution at the Fuel Pump

August 31st, 2008 | Posted by admin in Thoughts - (0 Comments)

Fueling can be DEADLY.  Learn how to protect yourself.  In todays world, we must accept change, or,,,. Fueling our automobiles today requires us to make another change. Last Thursday I was driving into a fueling station, or filling station as I observed a woman setting in her automobile while the gasoline was being pumped into her vehicle. I watched her as I stopped my truck beside the pump. Before I could exit my vehicle, she had stepped out of her vehicle and grasped the fuel pump dispenser, or gas pump nozzle as some call it. What was wrong with this scenario?????? Do you realize that this action can be DEADLY? Modern manufacturers use more plastics in everything we use. Plastics cannot be completely discharged of static electricity. Grounding plastics do not help. Every one of us has felt that jolting, wham of static electricity in our homes when the air is dry. Sometimes we even see the arc that accompanies the charge. The voltage must be approximately five thousand volts for the human to see the arc in the light of day.

Now the problem, while the driver is unattached from the gas pump nozzle, an electric potential difference can occur. Many things that we do unconsciously can create this situation. This may arise from sliding across the material used in the interior of the automobile. Simple actions like your hand sliding across your clothing, rubbing you hair or simple things like slipping your hand into your pocket can create dangerous a situation when the conditions are right.

What can happen is, the static charge will discharge from your body to the gas pump nozzle as your hands gets close enough to it. The flowing gasoline creates a rising vapor that surrounds the area directly over the gas pump nozzle. The gasoline vapor is ignited by the spark and a major fire is present. The ignition of the vapor creates a ball of fire up to five feet in diameter, which surrounds the person that is fueling the vehicle. The temperatures produced by this fire will cause third degree burns immediately and cover the upper portion of your body. To increase the conditions of this situation, most people will gasp or draw a breath or inhale quickly during such an incident. This action draws the flame down the throat of the victim. Therefore, now we have external and internal damage. Sometimes this combination causes death immediately.

The proper method to prevent such an event from happening, once you have removed your hand from the gas pump nozzle. STOP, step a distance away from the gas pump nozzle, and touch the vehicle. Thats right, simply touch the vehicle, to discharge the static electricity that may have build up on your body. It is wise to touch the vehicle on your way back to the gas pump nozzle. Sometimes, people do not like to slide their fingers or hand on their vehicle because of leaving a mark in the road debris collected on the vehicle or by getting their hands dirty. Another suggestion is to touch and remove your finger from the vehicle often on the route back to the gas pump nozzle to increase the risk of building up a static charge on the return trip back to pump gasoline.

You question, is this worth all the trouble? Is it real? Definitely. This scenario is occurring more and more often as more static related parts are being used in todays world. The situation is serious and even deadly. Many people have been burned seriously and even killed already.  More common in dry air conditions but have also happened in humid air.

Please advise your family and friends of this safety issue. Thank you, Claude W King

Memorial Day Campout

May 19th, 2008 | Posted by admin in Thoughts - (0 Comments)

Kings Product Development Is sponsering our friend and family campout this Memorial Day weekend. The camp grounds is quiet for now, but soon will be filled with music, laughter and fun.  Good times!

Swingin’ on the Grapevine

May 18th, 2008 | Posted by admin in Thoughts - (0 Comments)

It was a great time. We found it hanging from a big oak tree. Cut it off with a saw and swung.

Where Do You Want To Go?

March 1st, 2008 | Posted by admin in Thoughts - (0 Comments)

Stop! Ask yourself, WHAT, WHERE AND WHY! What’s it all about? Where am I headed? Why am I doing what I am doing? Do you know? Do we know? Are you following your plan? To where?

I encourage each of us to make this check often. Or we may find ourselves OFF THE TRAIL to wherever we are wanting to go.

Where do you want to go?

Who do you want to be?

I am not going to tell you that you can be anyone you want to be or that you can do anything you want to do, but I am wishing to encourage you to be the best of that which you can be. I believe that you can be many times more than you think you can.

In my studies of material, I have discovered some very important discrepancies to that which is being taught. Many times, wording plays a very important part to the end results. We have heard over and over the phrase, you can if you think you can. Let’s study more intense, the level of commitment this statement is presenting. The think stage of the mind is upper level of one concept that is pertinent to results. Belief is a more firm and deeper level of the subconscious mind. The phrase should be said as “you can if you believe you can. Too many times people fail to get results because of the commitment level of the subconscious mind. The think stage is less committed to results than the belief stage. To produce better results, repeat affirmations of the content you want until you not only think you can, you believe you can. This, what seems like a small difference can make the final difference between winning and ????

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