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King’s Product Development Site Update

December 27th, 2010 | Posted by admin in Thoughts - (3 Comments)

We’re transferring existing content to the new content management system. We expect to have the transfer completed by the EOD October 15th, 2011. Expect some disruption and missing content until the bugs are worked out.

Thanks for working with King’s Product Development!

NRA Anti-Weapon Ban

June 6th, 2009 | Posted by admin in Thoughts - (0 Comments)

Wayne LaPierre,

Thank you for taking my request. I have written the ultimate anti-gun, anti-weapon ban and am asking for your support to pass it into law.

OK, they say we need to ban our guns because there have been people killed with them, families destroyed, lives ruined, children left parent-less and many other unfortunate results. OK, without guns, certainly less people would be shot, but,,,,,wait,,,,,,records tell us that many people have been killed with other weapons. This writing is to ban weapons!

People have been bludgeoned to death so this ban also includes bludgeon instruments. We are including in this request to ban all hammers, wrenches, axes, hatchets,lawn tools, shovels, rakes, hoes, screw drivers, saws, oh, sticks too. Everyone with a stick or limb on their property should be arrested immediately and charged with possessing a deadly weapon. Hey what about rocks? Every square inch of the earth should be searched and any property owner found to be harboring rocks of suitable size to injure or kill a person should be imprisoned.

Every office with a paperweight suitable of bodily harm should be considered a potential crime scene and the office worker labeled as a potential criminal. Office equipment including removable drawers, telephones at the end of a cord, large tape dispensers, water coolers with removable bottles, computer monitors, keyboards, sharp pencils, letter openers, are now banned from the earth.

Should a home be discovered to contain a vase, pot, kettle, knife, fork, broom, chair, appliances with cords, goblets, large knick-knacks, lawn toys like a bad mitten net, krochet mallet, bowling balls, are now placed into the anti-weapon ban. These and all fist size, unattached, movable items are now banned.

Every auto needs to be inspected and being a fact that people have been killed with tire tools, they are now banned from carrying a tire removal tool in your automobile. This ban includes single leverage tire tools as well as multiple way tire tools. There can be no flammable liquid in the vehicles, so all gasoline must be removed and destroyed.

Homes that include flower pots, lamps, large picture frames, the small, tiny ones do not count, fire place tools, mops, brooms, large toys, books, bottles, flashlights,etc are now banned from possession.

Flammable liquids found in those little sheds behind homes are a potential weapon, it will permissible to own lawn mowers and weed eaters but home owners are in violation of the anti-weapon act if they purchase gasoline for them. Homes are no longer suitable to control their interiors with natural or liquid propane gas. The use of these flammable products have been banned by the anti-weapon act.

We must also consider that people have been strangled, there fore we must also include every extention cord, window blind cord, belt, wire, rope, necktie, speaker cords, in the anti-weapon ban. Home appliances like sweepers must have their power source cords removed before using the appliances. All forms of clothing and house ware items that can be made linear and flexible, towels, bed sheets, pillow cases, etc must be destroyed to to comply with the anti-weapon ban.

Chain saws, will be allowed if the operator makes the sounds himself and cuts without any flammable fuel of any sort. It is suggested that the operator move the chain saw back and forth like the pilgrims did.

Military and Police services are included into the anti-weapon ban because they are people too, and uniformed persons have been involved in criminal activities. They are now expected to enter combat and domestic situations without any and/or all of the items now banned from public ownership. No guns, no explosives, no protection.

Marine vehicles that have string to retract fish from waters, ropes to launch their sails and to drop anchors, large sinkers,************* has been included in the anti-weapon ban.

Restaurants, homes and businesses will now not be allowed to serve foods or other types of produce, any, and all open food containers that could have lethal potential added to them has been prohibited in the anti-weapon ban.

Musical instruments must have all of their strings removed, guitars, pianos, etc.

Sports items like hockey sticks, pole vaulting poles, **************************************

Darkness has been a contributing factor in many killing there fore this anti-weapon bans darkness. Any one found moving in or lurking in darkness gets a free ride downtown.

Confined spaces such as parking garages have contributed to this type of death, also the confines of ones own home has hidden such acts so from now on every home, office, warehouse, apartment complex will be constructed without walls or a minimum of see through walls.

It will be permissible for taverns to serve liquors, but not in bottles, cans, glasses, pitchers, mugs or any other form of containment that is suitable to be thrown or tossed. All serving containers must be heavier than any human can suspend and release into a projectile.

Records show that persons have actually strangled another person with their bare hands, therefore we must include hands that are strong enough to close the wind pipe of even the smallest human. All persons with sufficient strength in their arms and hands to commit injury to another person will have those hands removed immediately.

And last but not least,every anti-gunner that is not intelligent enough to distinguish a killer (one person who inflicts or causes death) from the weapon,(an instrument or device) is to be arrested IMMEDIATELY as an endangerment to society, banned from holding any public office, never allowed to represent a business for the damage they may induce on society. All anti-gunners will be charged the cost to provide one armed guard to every unarmed citizen 24/7, everyday of their life.

This is the first phase of the lifesaving plan constructed by and for anti-gun idiots. More to follow.

FELLOW INVENTORS: Please read this before proceeding with your invention.

King’s Product Development has bitten the inventors bullet for the last time. I, Claude W King, personally make this plea with you, Do not proceed with your invention(s) until you research and learn the rules of inventing, patents, manufacturing and selling.

If you have any interest in inventions or know anyone who does, please forward this to them, tell them about this article. Please do whatever it takes to get them to read this article!

True scenario, you as the inventor have come up with a great idea. You study about it and attempt to make a prototype to make your own task more proficient. As time goes on you make an improvement or two. You have heard about keeping good records and witnessing, you have your project notarized and you put that paperwork away for safe keeping. Summer comes on and family activities and residence chores do not allow you the means to work on your inventions. As winter comes, time allows more effort toward perfecting and selling your invention. Your are working in your garage or workshop with diligent ambitions of the money rolling in from this widget. The TV infomercial is advertising your widget. You freak out and observe, the widget advertised is exactly the same as yours.

After some research you discover that some one stopped by and saw your widget in your garage and patented it. You are steaming and determined to recover what is rightfully yours. You strain the family budget and take the case to court. The judge says, you did not work on this invention all summer, that serves as abandonment. The legal rights goes to the thief that took your invention. As if that is not enough, the multi-million dollar company now promoting your invention then sues you for their cost of court expenses and lost income while the product sales was halted. You as the true inventor. are now most likely bankrupt.

Does this example scare you? True scenario but the public does not hear about these events. This is just one of the many corrupt violations of the patent system we learned recently. No this did not happen to Kings Product Development. Although we have experienced many of the unethical practices of the marketing world, we were fortunate to avoid this one and some others by researching for better ideas.

The courts have added diligence, concealment, suspension, and who knows what other practices that deviate from the intended idea of the program.

Fortunately we bought a program from Inventors Assistance Here is the beginning of the experience.

Ron Ezinga



As of our phone conversation 2008 August 29, Ron explained the concept of recording and logging an invention in the view of a patent judge. I respect Ron’s experience in the field of inventions.

America recognizes ownership of an invention by the first to invent not the first to patent. Ron suggest and instructs the proper use of a laboratory notebook to prove the origin of an invention.

All of us have heard of the concept, explain in writing, record and notarize information about our invention, seal it in an envelope and mail it to ourselves, unopened as proof of the date of conception. File this away in a safe place and you have proof of the date of invention.

Ron says that a judge will look at this as not acceptable. The new concept of an invention includes a continuous process toward marketing it to the public. Ron says that a patent judge will need to see continuous progress on the invention to the tune of a couple of entries in a log book per month.

An inactive period of time after logging your invention without processing toward marketing to the public will label this invention as abandoned and will void all ownership to this invention.

INVENTORS, Type in your URL, Or call Ron Ezinga at 1-800-846-3228 or email Ron at .

If you are bothered that Inventors Assistance might high pressure you into a sale, then contact us here at KPD, Phone 812-854-9946, and we will attempt to explain our experience and then we will refer you to Ron at Inventors Assistance. The important factor here is that you as an inventor LEARN THE RULES BEFORE GOING ANY FARTHER. Definitely, do not file for a patent until you have learned the rules.

Use Caution at the Fuel Pump

August 31st, 2008 | Posted by admin in Thoughts - (0 Comments)

Fueling can be DEADLY.  Learn how to protect yourself.  In todays world, we must accept change, or,,,. Fueling our automobiles today requires us to make another change. Last Thursday I was driving into a fueling station, or filling station as I observed a woman setting in her automobile while the gasoline was being pumped into her vehicle. I watched her as I stopped my truck beside the pump. Before I could exit my vehicle, she had stepped out of her vehicle and grasped the fuel pump dispenser, or gas pump nozzle as some call it. What was wrong with this scenario?????? Do you realize that this action can be DEADLY? Modern manufacturers use more plastics in everything we use. Plastics cannot be completely discharged of static electricity. Grounding plastics do not help. Every one of us has felt that jolting, wham of static electricity in our homes when the air is dry. Sometimes we even see the arc that accompanies the charge. The voltage must be approximately five thousand volts for the human to see the arc in the light of day.

Now the problem, while the driver is unattached from the gas pump nozzle, an electric potential difference can occur. Many things that we do unconsciously can create this situation. This may arise from sliding across the material used in the interior of the automobile. Simple actions like your hand sliding across your clothing, rubbing you hair or simple things like slipping your hand into your pocket can create dangerous a situation when the conditions are right.

What can happen is, the static charge will discharge from your body to the gas pump nozzle as your hands gets close enough to it. The flowing gasoline creates a rising vapor that surrounds the area directly over the gas pump nozzle. The gasoline vapor is ignited by the spark and a major fire is present. The ignition of the vapor creates a ball of fire up to five feet in diameter, which surrounds the person that is fueling the vehicle. The temperatures produced by this fire will cause third degree burns immediately and cover the upper portion of your body. To increase the conditions of this situation, most people will gasp or draw a breath or inhale quickly during such an incident. This action draws the flame down the throat of the victim. Therefore, now we have external and internal damage. Sometimes this combination causes death immediately.

The proper method to prevent such an event from happening, once you have removed your hand from the gas pump nozzle. STOP, step a distance away from the gas pump nozzle, and touch the vehicle. Thats right, simply touch the vehicle, to discharge the static electricity that may have build up on your body. It is wise to touch the vehicle on your way back to the gas pump nozzle. Sometimes, people do not like to slide their fingers or hand on their vehicle because of leaving a mark in the road debris collected on the vehicle or by getting their hands dirty. Another suggestion is to touch and remove your finger from the vehicle often on the route back to the gas pump nozzle to increase the risk of building up a static charge on the return trip back to pump gasoline.

You question, is this worth all the trouble? Is it real? Definitely. This scenario is occurring more and more often as more static related parts are being used in todays world. The situation is serious and even deadly. Many people have been burned seriously and even killed already.  More common in dry air conditions but have also happened in humid air.

Please advise your family and friends of this safety issue. Thank you, Claude W King

Memorial Day Campout

May 19th, 2008 | Posted by admin in Thoughts - (0 Comments)

Kings Product Development Is sponsering our friend and family campout this Memorial Day weekend. The camp grounds is quiet for now, but soon will be filled with music, laughter and fun.  Good times!

Swingin’ on the Grapevine

May 18th, 2008 | Posted by admin in Thoughts - (0 Comments)

It was a great time. We found it hanging from a big oak tree. Cut it off with a saw and swung.

Catnip on the Farm

March 3rd, 2008 | Posted by admin in Projects - (0 Comments)

My son Chad and his friend Jay Martin had some friends with cats. Jay and his girl friend Kristie Lyle enjoy cats. In the conversation, a product called catnip or Nepata Cataria was mentioned. If you are not familiar with catnip, Its Wild, Cats Love It. Catnip is a form of mint that when dried and around most cats makes a cat put on a show. The cat jumps, runs and plays joyfully for a period of time. More information about the product can be found on our website an in the links here on KPD.

This group of adventurous people had no property with which to grow produce in large quantities. Jay and Kristie grew some around their lawn and on a window ledge. This was enjoyable but left them unable to produce larger quantities.

Jay had cloned some plants that we planted near but not in the family garden area. The terrain, soil and water table was not sufficient and cost us many plants the first year. As Thomas Edison said, we did not fail, we just found another way that would not work. The process began slowly at first.

KPD has several acres that needed cleared anyway. I used my Ford 860 tractor to remove small trees. By chaining the tree to the hydraulic lift, raising the lift and driving backwards a short distance, the trees were removed and saved the top soil. Driving backwards was to prevent the tree from leaning down and forward onto the driver. A dozer would remove so much soil needed for sufficient nourishment. After using a turnover plow and a pull type disc to condition the soil, we moved the remaining plants from the first area to the “catnip patch”.

Each year the seasons have begun with pulling unwanted weeds from the catnip plants. This is done by hand as we do not want this contamination in the plants. We try to provide pure and healthy catnip to our many customers. Then the space between the rows are cultivated with a rotorytiller. Some times we have needed to haul water to our plants during extremely dry times. My son, Chad and I cleaned out an abandoned spring along the road to the catnip patch. Chad spent many days lifting the heavy muck from the wet area. We had to dip out the incoming water as we removed the dirt. Chad carried sandstone rocks from the nearby creek and built a wall around the spring for permanent stability.

KPD now has about four hundred catnip plants that we provide catnip for cat lovers around the world. Also you can go to our links page to learn more about catnip and for other cat related information. This website is hosted by Chad and Jays company, Honest Networks.

The catnip patch lies nestled within a wooded area near our private campground. There is a sitting bench that we made from sawing a fallen willow tree log into half. When we get tired, we just set on the willow bench and tell big stories. Almost every time we sit for a few minutes we will see several male and female cardinals along with blue jays. This area is over three hundred yards from the nearest roadway and remains rather quiet. Often a mother deer will meander near by and check us out. We often talk about quality of live. This is nice.

Click on to add your comments or ask questions.

Where Do You Want To Go?

March 1st, 2008 | Posted by admin in Thoughts - (0 Comments)

Stop! Ask yourself, WHAT, WHERE AND WHY! What’s it all about? Where am I headed? Why am I doing what I am doing? Do you know? Do we know? Are you following your plan? To where?

I encourage each of us to make this check often. Or we may find ourselves OFF THE TRAIL to wherever we are wanting to go.

Where do you want to go?

Who do you want to be?

I am not going to tell you that you can be anyone you want to be or that you can do anything you want to do, but I am wishing to encourage you to be the best of that which you can be. I believe that you can be many times more than you think you can.

In my studies of material, I have discovered some very important discrepancies to that which is being taught. Many times, wording plays a very important part to the end results. We have heard over and over the phrase, you can if you think you can. Let’s study more intense, the level of commitment this statement is presenting. The think stage of the mind is upper level of one concept that is pertinent to results. Belief is a more firm and deeper level of the subconscious mind. The phrase should be said as “you can if you believe you can. Too many times people fail to get results because of the commitment level of the subconscious mind. The think stage is less committed to results than the belief stage. To produce better results, repeat affirmations of the content you want until you not only think you can, you believe you can. This, what seems like a small difference can make the final difference between winning and ????

The Origin of the Music Company

February 25th, 2008 | Posted by admin in Projects - (0 Comments)

My heart goes out to “the people”. Who are “the people”? Those who are struggling through life thinking there has to be more than this but do not know where or how to find it. Those who labor for others but end up with so little as well as feeling so little. Those who have talents and knowledge but no connections to utilize it. The more successful people of our society have little interest in helping anyone else succeed, unless there is a huge profit in it. Partly because, success is such a workload, there is little of themself left over and partly because they don’t care.

The education system neglects to dwell upon success and life due to some very controversial issues. These issues are reflected in cultural, religious, medical, safety and legal concepts.

As you read the summary about The Winners Music Association, please pay close attention to some important words. Please do not skip over or mis-appropriate the part about,compassionate hearts, enriched minds, human spirit, personal will, personal pride and confident souls within strong bodies. Because, success does not come to those who confuse these valuable components.

The words, hearts, mind, spirit, will, pride, soul, and body, in this presentation, reflect only to “one’s self” and what is within “one’self”. This is a very, very important concept to differentiate when referring to individual human success. The context of these words do not in any manner reflect or select your or anyones cultural, religious, medical, safety and legal concepts. Is you local banker, stock broker, or Mr/Mrs Success is in your community going to call you up and tell you this? Don’t hold your breath until they do!

I have searched all my life for the answers to questions of success. Not just looked or wondered, but searched.

To help the music company succeed I have contacted hundreds of philantropic groups,business organizations, Congress represenatives, Senators, Secretary of Health and Human Services, The Vice President and even The President of The United States and ?? The request have been ignored. I know why. In the business plan summary, there was emphasis upon personal benefits and very little emphasis upon the money that could be made. Many of the philathropic groups could not, would not contribute to this wonderful program becuase it was not listed as a non-profit organization. My life has not profited so lavishly that I could manage the company full time without in income and a not for profit does not allow me to pay myself. Hopefully, in time this will be the case.

Have you ever heard a phrase, song or suggestion first thing in the morning and found yourself repeating it in some manner through out the day? This is called parsing and can be used to your benefit by creating an encouragemental phrase, or concept for your mind to lavish throughout the day. Personally I do not wake up to a radio. Why? Because this removes all control from what my mind may hear first thing upon waking. These few moments when waking and fading into sleep are valuable to your success programing. I believe everything that enters your computer (again this means your personal computer,within yourself) detemines everything you are and become. Why not control what enters your computer?

When so many relate success to financial wealth and material items, there is a false eduation for what really constitutes as success. Napoleon Hill, listed 12 things that constitute success and money was the last item listed. The first was a positive mental attitude, 2 was sound physical health, 3 was harmony in human relations, 4 was freedom from fear, 5 was hope of future achievements, 6 was capacity for applied faith, 7 was a willingness to share one’s blessings with others, 8 was to be engaged in a labor of love, 9 was an open mind toward all subjects toward all people, 10 was complete self disipline, 11 was wisdom with which to understand people, and 12 was financial freedom. These are words from a man that invested his life studying the most successful people of his time. I got my copy of Think and Grow Rich in audio from . Now, who are you going to listen to, to plan your journey for success?

Red Sovine said it well in a song. _little they know that it’s so hard to find, a rich man in ten with a satisfied mind. As inflation and dispair has plagued our business world, It might be well to raise that number to a rich man in thousands.

I see each day of the turmoil and unnecessary grief that is ramant in our world and ask WHY? In my search for success principals, Rich Devos and Jay Vanandel of the Amway corporation made my world stand still when they said “If you are not part of the solution, you are part of the problem. Well I do not want to be part of the problem that I see in todays world. What about you?

I will tell you of some of my adventures. My employment for some years has been at a limestone fabrication mill where they cut limestone for the exterior of large buildings. Their refuse is tons of random sizes and shapes of stone. My home at that time consisted of a sloping lawn with the home near the top of the slope. I wanted a workshop but these buildings do not work well on a slope. I negotiated to hual some scrap stone from my work to level the area for a building. My commute was thirty six (36) mile and the cost of a large truck to and from work each day would make this cost prohibitive. I had a trailer but parking a two piece rig was often too space consuming so, I developed a solution. Knowing this was going to be a long term adventure I did not want to take the chance of getting a citation for overloads. I researched legal laws to find the average half ton pick up could only haul about eight hundred (800) pounds legally. Small loads seemed too time consuming and overloading such vehicle makes for unsafe swaying and deficeint stopping concerns.

With the purchase of a nineteen seventy four (1974) GMC half ton pickup and some development,the adventure was accomplished. I removed the box bed from the pickup. After careful measuring and design I purchased the rear axle and some frame from a like vehicle. The two truck frames were torch cut in a manner that allowed the curved rise over the back axle to match and strengthen each other. The second differential was mounted on a seperate set of leaf springs just inside of the original. this was to allow a smoother ride than cutting each into short stubby springs like over the road,semi trucks do. By fabricating brackets and shackles the two axles were aligned properly. The main leaf supported the weight first for traction and the additional spring and axle supported weight as the load was applied. Knowing some of the laws that applied to commerical and larger vehicles, I was concerned about the possibility of a citation for the extra axle. I researched extensively through the laws that applied. Internet was not available then so long distance phone calls to locate the correct person was challenging. Finally, a very helpful man named Paul Alexander at the Indianapolis State House helped research. Paul read the decree. The Indiana Interal Revenue ruling, 6-6-4.1-2 states that vehicles with more than two axles must obtain and maintain a fuel permit.

Nobody's Trucking Company

This process consisted of a three (3) page form filed quarterly. All mileage and expenses must be logged and sent into the stateof Indiana four times per year. This seemed rediculous but it was better than receiving a commerial citation for operating illegally . I did this for some period of time until once again talking to Paul Alexander, because the report increased to a thirteen page report. Paul read elsewhere where the word “commercial”was used. He said, you are not using this commercially, are you? Well no, the process of loading tons of rock and unloading it “manually, that is by hand” did was not appealing even for a few dollars. I could not afford a dump system at the time.

My brother Ted came up with the advertising concept that described this vehicle as non-commerical. My nephew Rick King worked for a monument company where they printed stencils. On each door as if it were a company logo was printed, NOBODYS TRUCKING COMPANY – EVERY JOB IS TOO LARGE OR TOO SMALL.

This advertising got a lot of comments. Questions like, who do you work for, what do you do, whose truck is it. During my research I discovered that the early model Toranado auto had the same bolt pattern as this truck. Aw, shucks,I know I shouldn’t do this but with the help of Don Apple and his expertise at a machine shop we made dual wheel adapters. One of the Toranado wheel was bolted to the original lug bolts of the differential. Then the dual adapter and the second Toranado wheel was bolted on but inverted. This provided a deep dish look like bud wheels on the big rigs. Now we had a ten wheeler half ton pickup. That is right, a half ton nineteen seventy-four GMC with tandem duals. I even took the centers out of two Toranado wheels, turned them around and reinstalled them to have the same look on the front of the truck. These wheels have several holes on their center pieces that make them more realistic. Although I did notice that none of the pictures had the conveted wheels on the front axle of the truck.

Nobody's Trucking Company

The stone being thrown in the bed or occasionallly I could get it loaded, was very distructive to the bed. So I located a large metal tank and with the help of Harvey Wittmer, we cut it to about four feet wide, six feet long and three and a half feet high. This made a more durable hauling platform for the material. The extra tire surface sure displayed the rain with a rooster tail of water. I had an old metal livestock waterer that my mind could as fenders. No one manufactured dual wheel, fifteen inch fenders and being low on funding, we developed again.

The waterer sides were made in two pieces and by removing the bolts, I had two pieces about the right length. By laying the metal over two round pieces of firewood and standing in the middle, the metal formed a shape with flats near the center and curves on each end. With proper brackets and bolts, the cost free,scrap material made fine fenders. You will see the fenders in the pictures.

Knowing well that this contraption would get a lot of stares, my family bought a license plate for me that said, “Don’t Laugh, Its Paid for”. You will see this license plate on the rear of the hauling box. The box had no back in it so I built a rear door/ tailgate/ ramp to make it easier to access and unload.The tail gate folded down to help walking up into the bed. This tall height helped to prevent small rocks and dust from flying out of the bed when traveling.

Nobody's Trucking Company

This concept was the beginning of THE TRUCKLER. The hauling capacities of most pickup trucks allow for more weight than can be hauled on its own frame and axle components. This is called its towing capacity. Most owner add a trailer to haul larger and heavier loads. The trailer is a wonderful addition to a towing vehicle but often it becomes inconvenient. As in the ability to park in a single parking space or having to park near the farthest limit of a parking lot and walk. Many haulers express dismay for towing a trailer empty to get something. Insurance issues used to be a problem for some people. The total length of the two piece vehicle is often an issue when attempting to load or unload in confined spaces. Everyone has to eat and while traveling on the roads and highways, parking at fast food establishments is a challenge. Yes, there is the official truck stops but most small transporters do not choose to hassle with the big rigs. Have you ever tried to walk around one of those rigs only to find you must walk the length of another one just to go to the bathroom? After many hours of research and analization, it seemed viable to mass produce this concept to conserve fuel and add convenience to the hauling experience. This allows us to convert small pickup trucks to conform to many needs. For the conservative and low cost transporter, there is the econo model. This is a simple long and wide platform with a slant rear for loading. The econo comes with strong wooden floor and very few frills. Often the econo customer chooses to use the standard wheels that come along with the load bearing axle. The addition is obvious with a white wheel behind his original wheels. Although the ride and capacity is sufficient for his task.

Nobody's Trucking Company - Every Job Is Too Large Or Too Small

The other end of the spectrum is a totally loaded model with adjustable loading ramps, lighted loading area, full length locking storage compartments , loading winch, custom wheels, extravagant lighting, running boards, custom paint, sun visors, access steps, tie down rings, enclosed van bodies, and much more. Some conversions can be with small economical pickups to transport lawn mowing equipment. While others are tandem dual wheel heavy haulers that transport heavy equipment. If one chooses, the conversion can add up to two more axles, totalling three rear axles. This is dependent upon the total Hunters or RVers can choose to have a TRUCKLER with half house and half open hauling platform. This gives them a cabin on wheels and also room for their RVs behind it.

Construction crews choose to have a crew cab with an enclosed body to secure their tools and transport their workers. These vehicles can have the fold down rear door/ramp along with the inside ramp for walk in access or barn style doors. The limit of the TRUCKLER configuration is only in the customers mind.

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